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Tierra Del Oro
Tierra del Oro, LLC (The Fund) is a seed venture capital fund emphasizing technology investments in the internet, software, and telecommunications markets. Tierra del Oro has presently committed capital of $30 million.
Actify Actify
Actify is the leader in delivering powerful, easy-to-use, affordable product design visualization solutions to the aerospace, automotive, medical design, and manufacturing industries. Actify's solution enables designers and non-designers alike to participate in product design and development activities, thereby lowering collaboration costs and improving manufacturing performance. Actify empowers a diverse audience of knowledge workers by delivering stand-alone desktop and client-server solutions that do not require design expertise or costly CAD software, yet support all major CAD formats.
»Visit the website at www.actify.com

Audible Magic Audible Magic
Audible Magic Corporation provides information tools to detect, monitor, and manage copyrighted content use. The company has developed state-of-the-art technology that has been integrated with information about millions of creative works and allows devices, applications, and companies to be aware of their use of copyrighted content. Customers currently use its products to discover and track songs and ads on terrestrial radio, to alert themselves to potential copyright infringement problems and to distribute royalties to artists. As digital media continues to grow, Audible Magic believes its tools can play a major role in enabling new distribution and compensation systems, monitoring and managing content piracy, and providing information products to understand and exploit the opportunities for content in the new digital world.
»Visit the website at www.audiblemagic.com

Fischer Identity Fischer International Identity LLC
In 2005, Fischer established technology leadership in the Identity Management space. To leverage our advantage, Fischer International Identity was spun-out at the end 2006 with a singular focus on Identity Management: specifically enabling Managed Identity Services. In 2007, Fischer created the Managed Identity Services market by extending Identity Management across domains and enterprises.
»Visit the website at www.fischerinternational.com

Fischer International Systems Corporation (FISC) Fischer International Systems Corporation (FISC)
Develops, markets, licenses and supports enterprise-wide Identity Management, Provisioning and Messaging Solutions, as well as mainframe tools and utilities. Fischer International's solutions provide the control and flexibility required to efficiently meet security, administration, and management requirements and to serve as a flexible foundation for future enterprise and e-business requirements. FISC solves business information problems by offering industrial strength solutions across an enterprise's entire network including IBM OS/390, Microsoft Windows and SUN Solaris.
»Visit the website at www.fisc.com

Surety Surety
The leading provider of tamperproof data integrity solutions that generate irrefutable evidence of exactly what electronic records were created and precisely when. Surety's mission is to help clients guarantee the trustworthiness of their electronic records…indefinitely. Founded by two leading Bellcore scientists, the company has been helping customers validate the integrity of their electronic records since 1994.
»Visit the website at www.surety.com

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